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flawlesster say: 37 and 38 :)

Oh my god this is really late I’m so sorry
37. How do you feel about parent!fics/lovechildren? How about mpreg?
Parent!fics/ lovechildren are not bad but I don’t really read them much. I find mpreg fics really gross and weird for some reason and idek just no.
38. How do you feel about genderbending? De-aging? Animalizing?
I kinda like genderbending, idk what de-aging fics are tbh, and animalizing can be cute if BOTH people in the ship are animalized, like the idea of a human fucking a dog is like nopity nope nope

So yeah those are my answers, and Jesus I am so sorry for waiting this long to do it 😂😂😂

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terms to use instead of sex (which is a bad word don’t use it):

  • the do
  • dingle dangle
  • frick frack
  • fondue
  • woohoo
  • happy happy fun time
  • coitus 
  • fornication 
  • copulation
  • intercourse

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remember when they asked niall to draw his ideal woman and he just drew a stick figure with giant tits

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